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Try it on your site without spending a single penny

Get your own virtual tourist information centre up and running on your hotel website in just three minutes flat.

1000 free credits

Start right now and get 1,000 free premium credits to help you evaluate our service, meaning that you don't even have to spend a single penny to see how we can boost your content strategy.

Upgrade IF you want

If you love what we do then upgrade once your 1000 free credits expire, and spend just 1p per user - or keep it free. It's your choice. There are no hidden extras and no obligation.


Simple, flexible plans for hotels of all sizes.

Pricing FAQ's

Can I cancel my account at any time?
Of course. We don't like to see any of our partners cancel their accounts, so we urge you to get in touch to see if we can resolve any issues you may have. Otherwise, we won't quibble. That's a promise.

Will it interfere with my website?
Not at all. Once you have pasted the Visitr code into your website we only have access to the part of the page that you paste the code. Our code is unable to affect any other part of your website.

Do you offer support?
For customers who have purchased extra credits and upgraded to the premium account we offer full support and help with integrating Visitr. Those with free accounts are offered support and integration assistance when available. We'll attempt to help everyone. Just get in touch with us on our contact page.

How much does it cost?
Each website browser that uses Visitr's tourist information on your website costs just 1p (one pence). This means that for every thousand people that enjoy and benefit from our content you'll pay just £10, which is a small price to pay for such a huge range of benefits. Everyone gets 1,000 free premium credits to help them evaluate the service.

How are credits purchased and delivered?
When you are logged into your account you will be notified when your credits are running low. By clicking on a 'Top Up' button you'll be able to purchase additional credits by credit card, which will be immediately added to your account, and full premium features will be restored.

What are 'credits'?
Each of your website visitors that use our tourist information centre on your website reduces your 'credit' balance by one. We don't charge per page view, but per 'session' which lasts 24 hours. For example, a single website visitor can browse the Visitr content as much as they want for a 24-hour period for just 1 pence.

What happens when credits run out?
You'll be given 1000 free premium credits when you add a new website to your account. Each person that uses Visitr on your website will reduce your credit by one. Once your credit balance has reached zero then your website visitor will still be able to browse the content, although you won't be able to enjoy the added benefits that arise from having credits in your account.

Can I apply for a refund?
We normally only give refunds extenuating circumstances where we are at fault, for example technical issues that affect the service of your account.

Of course, we will always listen to your side of the story, and will help resolve any issues that you may have with your Visitr account. We're not in the business of ripping anyone off, as this isn't the most constructive way of running a good business!

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