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Research shows that visitors rank "access to local information" whilst on holiday as their third top priority.

As an intrinsic part of the visitor experience, local tourist information can make a huge impact on the overall visitor experience and guest satisfaction ratings.

By adding Visitr to your website with just a few lines of code, your guests can access ALL the information they need to have a perfect holiday at your hotel.

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    Give your customers access to helpful local tourist, travel and other essential information direct from your website.

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    Simple add-on to your website that fits in with your website's style. Will not interfere with other parts of your website.

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    Free / Low Cost Plans

    No catches, opt for our free or paid version (just 1p per website visitor). See our pricing plans.


It's simple - just register your hotel and add a short snippet of code to your site today:

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Research & Statistics

What are other hotels doing to boost their websites?

During the research and development stage of creating, we needed to ascertain what percentage of hotel websites were currently employing content strategies that we're offering. We found some rather interesting statistics whilst we were doing this, and we think they're important enough to share.

During our research, we selected 220 hotel websites at random from across England, Scotland and Wales, including B&B's, guesthouses, independent hotels and large hotel groups. We visited every website on the list to find out what local information they were publishing to build a bigger picture of their content strategies. We wanted to know how many websites were publishing details of local attractions, events, tourism, weather and traffic conditions, channels we believe add the most value to hotel websites.

We found that very few hotels were using local information on their websites. We think that it's a crying shame that of the few that were publishing local information, some of them were even letting information lapse and fall out of date, losing credibility.

Very few had an effective strategy in place to deliver local information to their guests, an essential part of every hotel's website.

So, here are our findings...

Local attractions

Of the 220 hotel websites that we analysed, 4 in 10 hotels included local attractions.

One of the most popular 'local area' features that hotel websites contain are local attractions. Guests who stay at hotels aren't always going to be business people, so by including information about attractions and days out in your area helps the decision-making process.

Local events

Of the 220 hotel websites that we analysed, just 1 in 10 hotels included events taking place near their hotel.

Guests who stay in hotels for more than one night don't usually have a full itinerary of things they want to do with their spare time. Help increase customer satisfaction by adding local events on your website, including concerts, gigs, heritage days, theatre, sport and comedy.

Local area guide

Of the 220 hotel websites that we analysed, 3 in 10 hotels included information about the local area.

The ability to read more information about the local area is a highly rated feature that can drastically increase guest satisfaction. It's surprising that just three in ten hotel websites included this information. Make sure you include plenty of information about your local area around your hotel.

Weather forecast

Of the 220 hotel websites that we analysed, less than 1 in 10 hotels included a weather forecast.

Often forgotten by hotel owners and marketers, a weather forecast is incredibly helpful for your guests. It helps guests to plan ahead and prepare for the impending weather, whatever it may be!

Traffic and travel

Of the 220 hotel websites that we analysed, not one website included traffic and travel conditions.

We're not surprised by this statistic - live traffic and travel conditions can be a very expensive addition to your website, and involves a lot of technical wizardry to embed into your website. However, by signing up to us, live traffic conditions is just one of many channels that you can embed at no extra cost.

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