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Frequently asked questions

You're naturally going to have some questions regarding our service, so we've outlined some frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease:

How much will it cost us?

We operate two pricing levels - free and premium. Our free plan allows you to embed our content channels onto your hotel website without costing a penny to you. Some premium features may be unavailable, but you'll get 1,000 free credits when you sign up, allowing you to see the whole range of information you can add to your site. Once those credits expire (1 credit = 1 website 'user') you'll automatically be downgraded to our free plan - there will be no interruption to your website.

Our premium pricing plan costs just 1p (one pence) for each person that uses Visitr on your website. We feel that this represents extraordinary value considering the amount of comprehensive travel and tourism information that you can offer your hotel visitors.

For more information, see our pricing plans page.

Can I control what is shown on my website?

Yes. Once you have added the Visitr code to your website you can fully configure your content so that you can turn off any content channels that you don't want your guests to see. For example, if you are not located near the sea, then with the click of a button you can turn 'Local Beaches' off instantly. Likewise, if you have a hotel restaurant and don't want to show details of other restaurants around you, you can turn them off. The same applies with all of our content channels. We always try to ensure that you are in complete control of what your guests see.

What happens if our system 'goes down'?

You may think that if Visitr experiences technical problems it will adversely affect your own website. It won't - instead of our content channels appearing your page will still load as normal, but won't show our content. Although we take every necessary precaution to ensure there is no down-time (we strive for minimum uptime - see our status page), should it happen we can ensure you that your hotel website will continue to operate fully as normal.

I don't have a hotel website, but I have a tourism-related one. Can I still use Visitr?

As long as you have a physical location you can add Visitr to any website you wish. Visitr relies on latitude/longitude coordinates to accurately display local information, so even if you're not a hotel, you can still add Visitr to your website.

Can I turn Visitr off temporarily without having to remove the code?

Yes, when you're logged in you'll have a 'Master Switch' which will turn off Visitr on your website at the click of a button.

Do companies pay to be included in your tourist content?

No - all tourist information we display on Visitr has been collected and produced by us, and we don't show favouritism or bias towards any particular attraction or local company. However, we may decide to allow some carefully-selected companies to 'boost' their listings for those with free accounts so that we can continue to be able to offer a free service for hoteliers. Although we don't do this at the moment, we will contact everyone to let them know that we intend to do this, so that you can decide whether to go 'premium' or stay 'free'.

How often is your information updated?

All the time, on a rotating basis. However, as you will be able to appreciate, certain pieces of information (such as telephone numbers and website addresses etc.) can change at a moments notice, and we may not become aware of this immediately. Should you be aware of any changes to information that you wish to inform us about, you can do so once you're logged in. Any requests for updates will be made as soon as we become aware.

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